Volleyaball: The Classic Rec Sport

Volleyball is a sport of enduring popularity. It’s a game that’s appropriate for the beach and the gym. Volleyball is an excellent competitive team sport that really allows people to get lots of great exercise all at once. Volleyball is good at teaching strategy and cooperation, especially in the moment. It’s also a game that people like enough in order to play it for fun.

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Is Volleyball the Right Sport for You?

Volleyball is a favorite at gym classes partly because it is something that people who are not necessarily extremely fit or extremely athletic can play. This is a sport that people play on the beach for fun. Since it only requires brief periods of running and people have to serve a ball that is relatively lightweight, people who don’t have as much upper body strength or who don’t have a high degree of cardiovascular fitness should still be able to play.

People with smaller wrists and hands might have a harder time with volleyball. However, using a lighter ball can help people get around that problem in some cases. Volleyball is a great choice for people who are interested in organizing co-ed leagues that are open to people who vary tremendously in age and ability. Volleyball is a team sport that does not really work on the purely individual level.

The Rules of Volleyball

Each team will have six volleyball players on the court for a total of twelve players, so setting up a volleyball league gives lots of players opportunities. The first team to score twenty-five points will win the game. Basically, volleyball involves hitting the ball over the net and scoring points that way. People hit the ball using specific hand motions. Both teams need to stop the ball from hitting the ground when the ball is on their side of the net, and both teams are trying to hit the ball so it hits the ground when it lands on the other team’s side.

Usually, a volleyball play for each team is characterized by different players passing the ball to other players. Getting the ball over the net is easier for people who are closer to the net, and passing the ball to them is usually a good strategy. However, the same volleyball player is not permitted to hit the ball twice in a row, which stops the situation from becoming too unbalanced.

Each team is allowed to touch the volleyball three times while it is on their side of the net. By that point, it has to be thrown over the net. As such, teams have to be economical with how they use those touches, and that is where part of the volleyball strategy is going to come into play.

Tips for Getting Better at Volleyball

People who have better serving arms are going to be more skilled at volleyball. Players who are able to easily hit a ball across a long distance are going to be among the most valuable players. Strengthening one’s upper arm muscles can make a huge difference in that regard.

Volleyball also relies on hand-eye coordination. Many players who are beginners just end up missing the ball that’s approaching them entirely. Playing simple games of catch can help people when it comes to hand-eye coordination, and there are lots of specific exercises that people can use in order to improve at volleyball.

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