Pickleball: A Highly Underrated Court Sport

If you pass by a retirement community, you might see many groups of adults playing a recreational game of pickle ball. This is a game that its accessible to everyone, even young adults, is played on a badminton sized court, and does require a great deal of athletic skill or endurance. The rules are also easy to learn, so everyone can be up and contributing to the team in no time at all.

Grand Canyon 2014 Pickleball Tournament

How to Play Pickleball

The ball in this game is served diagonally, with points only be scored by the side that actually serves. The ball must be allowed to bounce once before it is hit. No spiking is allowed, and this adds to the equalizing nature of the game. The server will continue to serve, alternative diagonally each time, until he or she commits a fault. The winner is declared by the side that scores eleven points first and wins by at least two points. Pickle ball is played in either a singles or doubles format.

There is a double bounce rule that players should be aware of. Each team is required to play their first shot of the bounce, meaning that the receiving team needs to let the serve bounce before the return shot can be issued. One the ball has bounced on both sides, then play can resume with either a volley or bound. A fault in this game occurs when the ball: 1) touches any part of the non-volley zone on the the serve (this includes the line); 2) is hit outside the boundary of the court; 3) does not make it over the next; 4) is actually volleyed for a non-volley zone; 5) is hit back before a bounce has taken place on both sides.

The team that serves is typically determined by a coin toss. The individual or team that wins the coin toss will be able to choose to either serve first or to allow the other team to do so. The game is fun, played similar to tennis, but without the level of physical exertion and skill typically associated with that sport. It is great to play during the spring or fall months when the weather is simply ideal outdoors. It can also be played indoors. It makes for a great recreational league to join, as you will meet new players each week.

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