MMA & Boxing: Learn Discipline and Strength

As its name suggests, mixed martial arts and boxing includes a variety of martial arts and combat sports. Martial arts that are incorporated into MMA are Muay Thai, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, Karate, and Sanda. Standing and on-ground techniques are both utilized in MMA. It’s a sport that allows for much creativity and variety.

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Why MMA and Boxing?

Mixed martial arts and boxing is a fun sport to participate in that has the additional benefit of teaching you self-defense. Self-defense is an invaluable skill in case you ever encounter someone who attacks you. When you know how to fight, as you learn through MMA, you won’t feel intimidated by others. You know that you can defend yourself and then safely walk away. Although it’s a competitive, full-contact combat sport, many people think it’s fun too.

Who Can Learn Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing?

If you enjoy watching the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), then you’ll probably have fun learning mixed martial arts and boxing too. MMA is ideal for teenage and adult men to learn because it provides a healthy outlet for inner aggression and builds their confidence.

People of other demographics are welcome to learn mixed martial arts and boxing too. Anyone who has an interest in the sport may learn. Some parents are concerned that MMA is too violent for children, but 8 year olds can safely participate too. As in all sports, proper gear and precautions are taken to keep participants safe. However, injuries are naturally a possibility. It’s a risk that comes with all sports.

Basic Rules in MMA and Boxing

The rules for mixed martial arts and boxing have changed over the years to improve the safety of participants and garner mainstream support for the sport. The “Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts” was implemented in 1993.

There are nine weight classes in MMA to ensure fighters are going against someone of equivalent size. Small open-fingered gloves are used to protect the hands of participants. Fighters are also required to wear mouth guards for protection.

Time limits were introduced to MMA to prevent long fights in which nothing eventful happens. With the “stand up” rule, the referee can also make fighters stand up if it’s deemed they are resting on the ground or prolonging the fight.

Tips for Being a Better MMA and Boxing Fighter

If you want to become a better MMA and boxing fighter, implement the following tips:

  • Wear proper clothing and equipment to prevent injury.
  • Always train with a certified trainer and gym for best results.
  • Practice your punching on portable standing punching bag at home.
  • Work on strength as well as agility.

Mixed martial arts and boxing is an excellent sport to learn because it teaches you how to fight, how to defend yourself, and boosts your confidence. It is also a healthy outlet for anger or any other upsetting emotion a person experiences in life.

Anyone can take up MMA and boxing as long as they have the desire. It will be easier for you to pick up on if you are already fit, but don’t allow your fitness level to discourage you. Everyone starts from a different level and progresses at varying paces. MMA and boxing can push you to get in shape while giving your mind a good challenge.

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