Flag Football Basics: A Low Impact Football Alternative

Flag football is a good alternative to football because it doesn’t involve tackling. It is safer to play than regular football, so many people, especially parents of young children, prefer playing or enrolling their kids in flag football.

Flag football champs crowned

Flag football requires the same amount of concentration and focus as regular football. Continue reading to learn more about why people play flag football, who the sport is best for, basic rules of the game, and how to become a better player:

Why Play Flag Football

If you like watching football but don’t want to be tackled, flag football is a great sport for you. Flag football is a co-ed sport suitable for people of all ages. It follows most rules in mainstream football but replaces tackling with pulling off a flag that is attached to the players. Because it’s less aggressive and people don’t become injured as often, flag football is a very fun sport to play.

Who Is Flag Football Best For?

Sports will always be easier for people who are already fit to pick up on, but you can play at any fitness level. A lot of running is involved, so you should have good cardio strength. If not, then there’s no worries as you’ll build it through learning and training. Flag football is a fun sport that is suitable for people of both genders and all ages. You don’t need any special skills or knowledge to get started.

Basic Rules of Flag Football

The rules of flag football are similar to those of regular football. One of the major differences is tackling isn’t allowed. You must take the flag from the other player in order to “tackle” them. When the defensive team removes a flag from the ball carrier, it ends the down and is referred to as “deflagging.” Teams consist of 4-11 members. Currently, there is no dominant sanctioning organization for flag football, so there are different variations. Factors that can differ depending on where you play flag football include:

  • Genders (either coed or single gender)
  • Kicking and punting
  • Point-after conversions
  • Field sizes (can range from fields full CFL size to NFL size and sometimes smaller fields)
  • Contact (some versions of flag football allow contact for blocking)
  • Whether or not linemen are allowed to catch passes
  • Contact flag football usually restricts blocking to chest contact.

How to Become a Better Player in Flag Football

Remember that flag football is a team sport. You must maintain good team work with the other players on your team. One way to become a better player is to improve communication with the team off field. This is especially true if you plan on entering competitions as a team. Another way to become a better player in flag football is to practice the Flag Pursuit drill. This drill helps you improve your deflagging skills. Set up four cones and stand yards apart. Then, run forward and try deflagging the other person.

You can get yourself started on the right foot when you start playing flag football by remember the tips listed above. Flag football is a fun sport that is played by adults and children alike, even both men and women enjoy the sport too.

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