Dodgeball: If you can Dodge a Wrench, you can Dodge a Ball

As more and more adults look to get involved in a variety of physical fitness related endeavors, various nontraditional sports are making a come back on an organized and recreational level. This allows people to get out and about in the community, meet new friends and neighbors, and have a great and fun experience all at the same time. Cities have entire adult recreation departments now devoted to providing adults with the type of sports activities that meet their skill level, all the while meeting their demand for good, healthy competition. The rules for the sport are relatively simple, and people of various athletic ability and easily find their place on the team. One such sport that is growing in popularity is dodgeball.

XOSO Dodgeball 002

Rules and Gameplay

Almost every adult out there will remember playing a good old fashioned game of dodgeball in grade school. That same popular sport is now making a strong comeback at the adult level. It is high on fun and low on skill requirements. This makes a great combination for a recreational sport. The main objective of the game is to effectively eliminate every player on the opposing team.

This is accomplished by throwing one of the games balls in play and hitting a player on the other team below the shoulders. There are four balls in play: Each team gets one ball and then the other two balls are spread evening at the center of the court to start each game. The whistle blows and the fun begins. As long as the rules are observed, this is a great coed game, or can be played by same gender teams as well if so desired.

Why Dodgeball?

Dodgeball is among that fast growing adult recreational sports in America for many reasons, but primary among these is accessibility. Adults of all ages are welcome to play, the game itself is easy to learn, and it promotes community and team spirit. All of these components are making a comeback and it is good to see in our city.

This is a simple and fast paced game. It almost forces you to think on your toes, as you need to find a way to knock out an opposing player without getting hit by the ball yourself. Also, each game lasts roughly tow minutes, meaning that a cardio workout is in the cards, after which you can rest before the next round begins. Each team is allowed up to 3 substitutes. Teams can either play a single game, or the best of 3, 5, or 7. The ideal dodgeball court is 52 to 60 feet by 24 feet. The winner is declared in two different ways: 1) All players on an opposing team have been eliminated or 2) The team with the most players remaining at the end of two minutes is declared to be the winner.

If both teams have an equal number of players remaining in play at the end of two minutes, then a one minute overtime is played immediately. If this still results in a tie, then sudden death begins. During sudden death, the first team to have a player knocked out loses.


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