Disc Golf: An Outdoor Sport for Everyone

As more and more adults look to get involved in a variety of physical fitness related endeavors, various nontraditional sports are making a come back on an organized and recreational level. This allows people to get out and about in the community, meet new friends and neighbors, and have a great and fun experience all at the same time.


Cities have entire adult recreation departments now devoted to providing adults with the type of sports activities that meet their skill level, all the while meeting their demand for good, healthy competition. The rules for the sport are relatively simple, and people of various athletic ability and easily find their place on the team. One such sport that is growing in popularity is Disc Golf.

For the adults out there that grew up enjoying frisbee, disc golf has emerged as a popular recreational sport. It mirrors the traditional game of golf that is played in country clubs all over the country, but it uses flying discs as opposed to balls and clubs. Each time a players throws the disc, a point is added to the score. A point is also added whenever a penalty is incurred. Just like traditional golf, the objective is to have the lowest score at the end of the game in order to win.

This sport has grown so much in popularity that there is now a Disc Golf Association governing the rules and organizational of leagues around the country. As a matter of courtesy, one should not throw their disc when an opponents is still in motion, and that includes when it is in the process of landing. Each hole begins with a tee off, and that is then followed by a series of throws until the disc lands in the basket. t the end of the game, the strokes are then totaled up in order to arrive at an overall score.

Disc Golf Course

There is also a procedure to determine the tee off order. Players can either agree on the order, or the discs are flipped in order to determine who goes first and so on. The printed side of the disc is considered to be heads. Whoever is the odd man or woman out should go first. The tee off order for all of the following holes is based on the score from the previous hole. The rules dictate that person with the lowest score on the hold before should tee of first.

There is also a marker disc that is important to the play. The disc that was thrown should remain in place until the marker disc (a distinctive disc that is not used in play) is place at the exact spot of the lie. Only then should the thrown disc be picked up. This sport is accessible to nearly anyone, as they level of physical exertion in minimal. In fact, it is a great way to get out and enjoy some outside activity with friends in a recreational environment. There is minimal strain, particularly to the back, as the motion of traditional golf is not involved. Just get out there and enjoy a game of disc golf and you will see what it is increasing in popularity.


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