Darts and Billiards: Not Just for the Bar

Darts and billiards are among the most popular games in the world for a reason. People have these games in their rec rooms in the basement. Bartenders have them at their establishments. Amusement parks have them.


These are games that are open to everyone and that people can play without too much exertion and regardless of body type. These are also great social games that can really bring people together, and they can be right at home in a community league and as a community pastime.

Who Should Play Darts and Billiards?

Darts and billiards really can be played by anyone. Some people still have some negative perceptions of darts and billiards because of their association with bars. However, there is nothing inherently adult or inherently family unfriendly about darts and billiards. Children could play them. Safety might be an issue with darts and children, of course, but this should not be a problem when it comes to billiards.

Darts and billiards work well when it comes to co-ed teams. These are also games that manage to cross all age boundaries. It doesn’t take a high degree of physical fitness to play games like these, which require hand-eye coordination and a degree of arm strength and no running.

One of the benefits of darts and billiards is that they are versatile. They can be played as individual sports, but they can also be played as team sports. People can truly get the best of both worlds with them.

Fundamental Rules of Darts

Darts are fairly simple. People grip the individual darts, throw them and aim that at particular targets in order to score points. The complications come with the point values of different targets and the distance at which people are supposed to stand from the dart board.

People should generally be around seven feet and nine inches from the target of the darts, which is called the bullseye. The bullseye needs to be five feet and eight inches off of the ground. People need a bullseye and a set of darts to play and something to mark the toe line, and that’s all.

Exposed Billiards

Getting Better at Darts and Billiards

Darts and billiards are almost entirely games that rely on hand-eye coordination. Anything that people can do in order to improve their hand-eye coordination is going to help. People might need to work on their ability to stand for long periods of time, but other than that, people only need to concentrate on their upper bodies. Billiards require a stance that can be tiring for the back, and it might be a good idea to do some back stretches in preparation for them. Other than that, people specifically need to focus on improving hand-eye coordination.

Players are essentially trying to knock the billiard balls into the pockets of the billiards table using their cues, which are the pool playing sticks. People have to strike their cue balls. Players will score points by striking the cue balls and knocking other balls into the corner pockets. They also have to avoid knocking their cue balls into the corner pockets, which is where part of the challenge emerges.

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