Get Your Kicks Playing in a Kickball League

Kickball is not a sport only for children. Adults love playing kickball just as much. Our local city Adult recreation department wants to get as many participants involved as possible in playing the sports that we all love. Are you interested in playing adult kickball? Let’s dive right in and explore it some more.

WAKA Kickball

The Greatness of Kickball

Kickball is increasing in popularity with adults. The site, wrote an article on the growing popularity of adult kickball. Basically stating, kickball is a social event where adults can go out and have hours of fun with their peers. Although, adult kickball is different than playing kickball in gym class as a child. There are more rules than there was back then.

The adults playing kickball like the rules. It allows them to play a fun, social, and entertaining game that is competitive. Plus, they don’t have to worry about the harm and excessive bodily injury that comes along with playing other competitive adult sports such as co-ed softball. This makes sense and this is extremely significant as to why more people are participating.

Who Should Play Adult Kickball?

Are you considering joining your local adult kickball team? It’s a great idea. Kickball is a co-ed game, where just about anybody can play. Meaning you don’t need any real skill to play kickball. We have all enjoyed the game as a child and know the basics.

People who enjoyed playing kickball as a child seem to be the one’s that are really taking an interest. That being said, it’s people in their thirties and forties who are jumping right in to join the local kickball team. Don’t let that age limit defer you from playing, there have been people in their seventies taking an active interest in kickball too.
once the game is over, the players want a Hoist to rehydrate  :)

Official Rules of The Game

Are you wondering what the adult rules are compared to playing kickball as a child? Well, look no further. Here is a short overview of the basic rules of adult kickball. The information is from a credited source, owned and operated by WAKA. WAKA is the World Adult Kickball Association. If you want to get extremely competitive and completely official, check it out. Here are the basic rules.


In the game, there are 2 teams that compete against one another, a playing area, bases, and a ball to kick.


Just as in other sports such as baseball or softball. The main objective is to score as many runs in as possible. You want to score more runs than the opposing team. Simple, right?

The 10 Main Rules

  1. Each team has 11 players, including a catcher and a pitcher.
  2. There are 5 innings per game.
  3. Two base coaches are allowed.
  4. A batting line-up must be submitted to the referees before play begins. In the case, the kicking line-up.
  5. Bouncies are allowed if the player kicks the ball. This means if a pitcher throws a bouncing ball to the kicker and they kick at it, it counts. If they don’t kick, it will automatically be a re-do.
  6. NO head shots are allowed.
  7. NO fighting are profane language is allowed.
  8. One base allowed per overthrow.
  9. Bunting is allowed.
  10. No ghost men allowed, the kicker must run.

Tips To Improve Your Game

Here are 3 tips to help you play better and improve your kickball game. These tips were suggested by If you would like even more strategies to improve, check it out.

  1. Be sure to stretch and warm up before a game. Especially, if you are older. You don’t want to be all stiff and sore.
  2. Never hold the ball. Runners will keep running until the ball is back to the pitcher.
  3. If bases are full. Kick the ball to first. Chances are you will get out but, you will help to score a run in.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get active and be social with other adults, then kickball is a great choice. It’s a sport that you can make as competitive as you want. There are rules to follow and it’s not rough as many other adult sports. Adult kickball is rising in popularity. Chances are there is a kickball team or league near you.