As more and more adults look to get involved in a variety of physical fitness related endeavors, various nontraditional sports are making a come back on an organized and recreational level.


This allows people to get out and about in the community, meet new friends and neighbors, and have a great and fun experience all at the same time. The city has an entire adult recreation department now devoted to providing adults with the type of sports activities that meet their skill level, all the while meeting their demand for good, healthy competition.

The rules for the sport are relatively simple, and people of various athletic ability and easily find their place on the team. One such sport that is growing in popularity is broom ball.

What the Heck is Broomball?

Quite simply, broomball is a sport that looks and feels like hockey, but without the need for all that physical contact.

Hockey is not a sport that the masses can play due to its physical nature, but anyone who can skate on ice is a contender to join in on the fun of broom ball. It is currently growing in popularity in ice arenas around the country.

While the sport is generally played in the winter, indoor ice rinks make it possible to play even in the summer months. In fact, some recreations leagues prefer this as many adults enjoy the escape from the heat for a few hours.

Rules of Broomball

The game itself has similar rules to that of hockey. There are two teams with an equal number of players on each side. Most leagues will cap this at 25.

The main object of the game is to make it to the other side of the rink and score more goals than the other team. each player uses a stick that is similar to a broom handle, hence the name of the game.

The bay is six inches in diameter and it designed to move easily up and down the ice. One unique distinguishing facet of broom ball in comparison to hockey is that skates are not involved.

Players simply wear norm tennis shoes on the ice. This makes the game even more accessible, as knowing how to skate on ice is not a prerequisite to being able to play. As a result, adults of all ability levels can enjoy the game and that is why it is beginning to grow in popularity.

MoreĀ Interesting Information

There are many misconceptions about broom ball floating around out there, so let us quickly dispel those here. Many people mistakenly believe that broom ball is played on grass. It is not.

Ice is a requirement to play the sport, and it is generally played on a hockey rink. There are other hockey style sports played on grass, but broom ball is not one of them. Others have a picture of broom ball as using stones that are used to try to knock other stones out of a circle.

That is actually the sport of curling, which is another fun sport, but broom ball is definitely played in a style very similar to hockey. The only difference there is that a ball is used instead of a puck.


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